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Mar. 11th, 2009

feeling so much better

although the past few weeks i was very irritated with the way i was treated/had my time wasted i am finally starting to feel myself again. I really don't need a guy in my life to feel fulfilled but it still sucks none the less when you get led on. No use dwelling on something that isn't there though so ill just mosey on.

i am excited for:
-my cousin's husbands 23rd birthday party this friday
-picking up extra hours of work on saturday since i got sent home early Tuesday
due to no one coming to see the dr
-my grandmas birthday party on saturday
-party at katie kmets house on saturday.

Nov. 28th, 2007

(no subject)

Today was a decent day. Work wasn't to busy today which was nice because winter = lots of sick people coming in all the damn time and lately its been pretty hectic. It makes the day go by fast though so its good and bad. On the way home from work there is a sign that says "no turn between 3-6 pm" so you have to drive to the next one and make a u turn. so thats what i always do because im a good law abiding citizen. so im coming up to my street to turn right and this car who is obviously turning left at the no turn between 3-6 who DOSE NOT have the right away fucking cuts me off. so i followed the asshole and honked my horn. Then i tried to follow them more but they sped off, i hope they were afraid because i would have gotten there fucking license plate. I honestly am glad im a defensive driver because its my life and i don't appreciate people who don't feel like waiting for traffic almost hitting me.

Last Friday i went out to the bars with Kristen Mike and two of mikes friends. It was pretty good until the end when we had to walk home from the bars in tosa to mikes house. Kristen was freezing and i had to pee super bad. Mike kept telling us to go in different directions and Kristen got pissed i cried because i had to pee so damn bad. When we finally got to mikes house Kristen wanted to leave right away and i wasn't sober enough to drive. it just all kinda ended bad. Most of the night was pretty awesome though.

Saturday night was Jessicas 21st birthday. We went to Nates apartment first for a little pre party. Then we headed to Club Rain at like 11? My first club experience ever and i must say it was quite interesting. The place was set up really cool. the dance floor was on a platform in the middle and there were colorful stripes of light on one of the walls. Because it was jessicas Birthday she got a free bottle of champagne and we got a special area to sit. We all did a tun of dancing so it was a blast.

One of my best friends called it quits on her 3 year relationship with her boyfriend. Hes in Iraq right now with the army. It sucked seeing her so torn up all the time because her feelings were changing about him. I talked to her yesterday and she was a little rough but tonight she sounded a little better. Im just glad i have the opportunity to be there for her as she has been there for me in the past. It really means a lot to me to be there for my friends through the tough times.

I got a new camera. it was 900 dollars but worth every penny i can finally get my ass going on what i love. I also need to start drawing more, i love sketching out my ideas and then capturing them with film.

I also get to go to the melting pot for free next Tuesday because of work. I just have to listen to a speech a Dr has to give during the dinner. But it should be fun anyway because several of my co workers will be there. I know its kinda weird but i have this vision in my mind about what it will taste like. In my mind it tastes delicious haha.

Friday night i have my aunt Terry's Lia Sophia jewelry party. Ill probably have to buy something, i don't entirely mind because i like some of the stuff, but its damn expensive.

Saturday im going to my friend bills work Christmas party because he asked me to go along with him. It should be interesting, i know he likes me but hes just not my type and i like him as a friend. Ive made that pretty clear in the past. I have a good time hanging out with him though, i just hope he doesn't get the wrong idea.

I have been so busy lately but i like it.

i also think i might have a thing for a guy. sigh.

Aug. 7th, 2007

(no subject)

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