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im a little robot

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im a very outgoing girl, i love to keep busy.

2006 was a rough year. for the most part i was super depressed but i also had so many things that made me realise everything is worth it. i have the most amazing friends i could ever ask for and i keep meeting awesome people that i can allready feel are going to be life long friends. no matter how difficult things may get i know i have my family and my friends. i love music, and i love to dance in my bedroom or with my friends. I love to be silly you will know this if you are my friend(burping and such) i love art, i think its becuase i enjoy creating things so much. i was always the kid what wanted a caboodle filled with sparkley pipe cleaners, colorfull cotten balls, glitter, and beads for christmas. I pretty much enjoy any media of art, drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, metal making. I also enjoy fashion design and interior design. the architecture of many buildings excites me. Simple things make me happy. im a strong willed person. i know i can do whatever i want and overcome anything even if it takes me a long time. i lost 50 pounds. I AM A HAPPY PERSON. and i dont always mind being bored, you have to take advantage of ever minute you have on earth even if sometimes its not the greatest.

shout out to my best friends ever(in no particular order):

Katie K-L
Erin Daisy
Cousin Erin
Michael B
Andy Brooks
My Sister